Over the winter month I'll be off Twitter and Mastodon. Hibernation is important. I remain contactable, in a fragmented way. I'm generally available via all of the below channels, but don't always respond quickly.

Direct contact


'scribe', at this domain name (exmosis.net). Please note this goes through a fairly stringent email filter, so try one of the other methods below if you don't hear back within a week.

Instant Messaging

To get an XMPP account, have a look at Adium's guide, and the list of servers.


My Blogs and Newsletters

I like to keep an untidy presence, forgive the multitude of outlets. RSS feed readers can subscribe to a feed containing most of what I spit out. This collates:

In addition, I also publish:

if you're really desperate, I may also be lurking on Goodreads.