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THESE are PEOPLE that I should PROBABLY link TO. some OF them I have MET, some OF them I most CERTAINLY haven't. THEY are IN some KIND of ALPHABETICAL order TO avoid ANY arguments OVER priority AND favouritism. I hate THEM all, ANYWAY... I shall act as host and provide a brief summarisation of each, like a polite little bastard.

[ Whilst (finally) reading through the Friend of a Friend spec, I started wondering if I could turn this page, and then maybe the rest of this site (OK, bits of it, as appropriate, etc) into some generic "mark-up" definition, and then just render the content based on that "map". This page might be a good starting place though. ]

Barney is going to what-used-to-be-COGS too, and has lots of photos (a good eye, has he) and made-up stuff. He also hangs out on the mud with us.

Dave W
Dave has useful stuff on his site, moreso than anything else here. It's kind of scary.

Duncan Jauncey
Besides running the Alternate Universe MUD, Duncan does other stuff, including exciting feats of daring. He also has a blog.

A haven of short stories and strange photos, Amy gets my respect for doing all the stuff I want to do but can never get around to.

Krissi gets the prize for biggest, fattest name for any site, and I'm sure she's not allowed to use any more vowels for the rest of her supernatural life now. Anyway, she's curiously insane, and one day I hope to meet her. She also keeps a slightly worrying Turtle Realms Blog.

Loz's page has a nice calm blue in the background, which I like. He also has a link to my old Dreamfall doain, which I notice has now been bought up and has links to Lucid Dreaming things on it.

Joe's page has some music and things, in a minimalist manner. He also more of this at his new band place, Seratone, which sounds a bit like Serotonin, but (I think) has the hidden property of being a franco-latin conglomeration meaning "always sound". Maybe.

ThoughtStorms (Link works now, too)
Phil runs a couple of Wikis from his site, including one about all manner of stuff under the Sun, and one for Optimaes, a computerised simulation of economies. He also has a cool mad blog and chats about lots of things. See Thought Storms Integration for the "TS" links around this site.

Trash Culture
Bob hasn't updated his site in over a YEAR now, but I include him out of petty necessitation. Maybe he should consider hiring someone to follow him around and post photos. Maybe he just has a new page I don't know about.

Trees of Green
... or "art programming ideas projects games fun work me [thom] future past hypocube". I like "this is my head" websites. They make me feel fuzzy and in lots of places all at once.

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