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This is the old homepage. You probably want to go to the new one really.

  • Exmosis is a mess.. If you don't like clicking randomly, try the Exmosis Highlights page instead. I intend to tidy up a bit soon, once I can figure out how to delete stuff.
  • Otherwise, you can always try the recent updates page.

Volume I: Sometimes I Scratch my Head and Things Come Out

Volume II: When I Stop Thinking, I Mutter Under my Breath

  • Photographs which a camera is put to uses good and bad
  • Music which beeps and boops and sound aghastly emanate to much concern
  • Texts and logs which words and insanity cohabit a single-bedroom flat
  • Code which my inventions take shape and come to life
  • Places Of Interest which the world dances in front of my eyes
  • Random crap which we are introduced to the Universe

Volume III: And Albert/Alfred/Alex

  • Gaming which pointless tasks are converted into amusement
  • Some ideas which the fresh world of imaginations is mapped in detail
  • Other ranting which my use of logic fails, perhaps
  • Other people's ranting which I find respect for people who aren't me
  • Other people which we leave this place


Reading list

  • David Held - Models of Democracy
  • Jorge Luis Borges - Labyrinths
  • Umberto Eco - Baudrolino
  • Jean Baudrillard - Simulacra and Simulation
  • Dante - Hell (L'Inferno)

thoughts and previous readings upcoming

Watching (generally not updated now)

thoughts and previous watchings

Hearing (ditto)

thoughts and previous hearings

(See also: Incarnation1 LHistoire Scalability )

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