Hacking Reality

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"Hacking ensures transparency. Hacking is about being free in a world in which we understand that we will never be totally free." -- Richard Thieme

This section is partly inspired by Fravia's Reality Cracking Lab - an old archive of material looking at semi-philosophical, semi-marketing, semi-psychological constructs that make up who we are and the world we live in.

I intend to gather thoughts here, maybe ending up with a complete analysis and inspection of what makes us who we are in a few hundred years' time. The main page for all this is really still Society And Control, so hopefully I'll merge the two into some kind of coherent self-contained site at some point. In the meantime...

Hack Real - the blog of the page.

Partly to keep track of interesting realityhack-related things, and partly to remind myself to do more stuff.

Other bits and bobs that need to be fitted in somewhere:

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Great O'Reilly article "Real Hacking Rules!", or "Before the Word is Totally Useless, What Is the Essence of Hacking?", from which the quote at the top of the page comes from.

Wikipedia definition of a Reality Hacker

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The highly amusing Credit Card prank - "how crazy would I have to make my signature before someone would actually notice?"

Good, all-encompassing site: www.sniggle.net

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