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Reality Hacking vs Reality Cracking?

created 2004-08-19 12:22:29

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So what's the difference between Reality Hacking, as used here, and Reality Cracking, as used by Fravia et al?

Well, not so much I guess, especially if you adopt the view that what we're getting at here isn't necessarily a dictionary definition of either, but a general, combined approach to what reality is. But if it helps, here's what I've noticed. Much of it is borne from the linguistic similarity to computer hacking vs cracking.

I'd say that cracking reality is about breaking through the rules imposed on us by others - whether they be explicit ones such as the psychological effects of advertising and supermarkets, or more subtle, long-term ones such as our educational systems. Whereas hacking, on the other hand, is about seeing what can be done in the world - what we can achieve even when everyone else says it's impossible.

Yes, it's a slim distinction, and the two overlap greatly. Might as well make them interchangeable ;)

Hopefully I'll think about this properly some time.


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