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Society and Control

created 2003-07-29 17:06:47

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So here it is. In Western civilisation, everything that we do is effectively under the control of Government. Our entire infrastructure is geared towards a top-down hierarchy that maintains a stable system of population "herding". This is not a new idea or opinion, but as we progress through our own little chapter of history, this is becoming more and more apparent, as a result of both more analysis of the situation, and the apparent readiness of governments to more transparently enforce their status quo.

So why is it a good thing? What benefits does a top-heavy system entail?

And, more or less importantly, what are the disadvantages? Why should we be skeptical of current systems and idelogies?

  • More room for abuse of power - this does not necessarily entail physical or malicious abuse, but the attempts of the controlling class to maintain that control is at the expense of those further down the hierarchy.
  • Stability can also lead to stagnancy and inefficiency within the system.

What can be done?

  • Realise the boundaries being imposed by the system, analyse and criticise them publically, and actively go beyond them.
  • Offer alternatives to the norms of control, rather than simply criticisms.

I thus intend to break this summary up into further specifics:

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