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The Many Faces of Reality Hacking

created 2005-01-06 17:49:03

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(Note: See this Tribe thread for more discussion.)

The field of Reality Hacking is, I've decided, too broad. In order to get get something useful out of the concept, we need some loose categorisation.

Thus, I propose the following initial taxonomy that's mostly ad-libbed and utterly subject to future change. I'll try and jot down what I mean by each, and subcategories as appropriate... It should be noted that many things will be difficult to classify absolutely as belonging in one particular category. That's fine - the purpose of the fields below is to realise and clarify the various advantages and focuses that reality hacking can bring, and what we can expect from it.

N.B. Electronic, computer hacking doesn't appear in the list below. Yes, I would say that it is an essential part of Reality Hacking, but the field is already relatively (much more) mature, and so needs no representation here. If I had to file it, I'd put it under "Society Hacking", as the laws of software are man-made in nature. However, as the environment tends more towards theory and "natural law", maybe it deserves its own category.

Questions, clarifications, comments etc to jan!us-hack!real@ex! (removing the !'s first... - see Public Key)

Internal (Personal) Hacking

This covers everything on an individual level - our senses, our perceptions, the way we think about ourselves and about the world. Academically speaking, it includes...

This area can often be the easiest and the most difficult of the 3 to practise.

External (Environmental) Hacking

This covers everything in the natural world, and is concerned with finding and adapting new ways to apply the natural laws given to us.

...although the relative complexity of these fields should not be taken as a benchmark. There are plenty of uses remaining undiscovered at all levels, accessible by anyone with the right mind.

Society Hacking

This section is covered mostly by the Society And Control page.

This covers the environment constructed by mankind, including the social infrastructures we live in daily.

For many, this remains an increasingly alluring field as effects within such circles ripple rapidly around the world. Society hacking, perhaps, has the closest ties to mass control and global domination.

What's the difference betwen Environmental and Society Hacking?

From the Tribe thread above...

Society Hacking refers to the structures/laws imposed upon us by other humans. Environmental Hacking refers to the structures/laws imposed on us naturally. If mankind vanished overnight leaving no trace, Society Hacking would no longer exist, but Environmental Hacking would. (Subject to human perception, of course ;)

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