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Uni Writing

created 2006-01-09 17:34:12

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People talk of a work-life balance. The great thing about University is that you can ignore all that, and roll your academic life into one big ball along with your everyday life - woohoo! This is a flimsy excuse for me posting some stuff I've written for Uni here, but even having an excuse is about as good as I get.

N.B. The style used for academic essays is probably quite different to writing on this website, say. I'm not sure I like the style I feel like I have to use, but maybe that'll develop. Just a cautionary word before reading starts, anyway. Maybe there should be a separate node for this issue...

Between Man and Machine: The impacts that technologies have on society. (html) (pdf) This isn't intended to be a pro-technological-determinism stance, but rather a map of the things we need to take into account when we plan or consider implementing a technology. In this essay, I outline a few "dimensions" in which the effects of technology can be measured (e.g. complexity, etc) and have a look at how these affect the world we live in. (2006-01-09)


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