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See the original puzzle here.
  1. There were 2 parts to this puzzle, with the first hopefully being easier and more obvious than the second. Concentrating on the visible pictures on each key, and being obviously acquainted with Perplex City, should lead you to season 2 cards.
  2. There are 14 keys, so match the pictures on them up to the first 14 cards available (noting that, as only the first 12 reds are out, the last 2 are orange cards 33 and 34).
  3. Now that you have an order for the keys, you can move on to the second part. Evilly/stupidly, I threw in some extra and unnecessary content at this point, something I hope the hints tried to get at.
  4. You can cut out the keys using a paint package or REAL scissors (preferably on a print-out, not on your monitor). Rotate them to all be the same way up (with the image at the top, the right way up), and put them in the correct order.
  5. Now you can ignore the "middle" row of teeth - the set closest to the "spine" of each key. Focus on the outer edge (sorry if this bit threw you off...).
  6. Taking the outer teeth from each key in the order you have should give you a nicely framed pair of letters. These are the initials of the person you're looking for.
  7. Even if you include the inner set of teeth, you should still be able to make out these initials through a kind of jagged-cage effect, as can be seen in Lysithea's finished work:

  8. Going through the characters list, you should recognise "PS" as a reference to Pietro Salk which is, of course, the answer.