Riddling needs riddles! Contact me here or via Twitter if you'd like to help contribute short, sharp puzzles to get people scratching their noggin'.

About riddling (the Short, Short version)

Get Twitter account. Follow Riddling. Answer riddles via Direct Message.

About riddling (Long version)

@riddling is a Twitter bot to pump bite-size puzzlets into the harsh depths of your brainal fluids once a day (or so). It is in very beta and so is currently in testing. If you'd like to help out testing, then add riddling to your list of followers. You'll be approved, and the riddling bot will follow you in return, when the time is right, and not before. Hear me?

Riddling is put together by @exmosis.

For those who are already riddling

Every now and then (currently roughly once a day), Riddling will send out a small puzzle. You can send a direct message in reply (see below on how to do this) to send your answer. When the puzzle is over (you currently get an hour short of a day, but this is subject to sudden and rapid change), Riddling will let you know who got the answer the quickest.

Be careful though. Only put your answer in the direct message. Also, only your first answer will be accepted, so think carefully.

Current status

Riddling is currently still testing out the code that runs it all. Content is minimal, so any riddles you wish to submit are gratefull and warmly welcomed. Riddling may break at any time. "Breaking" is subject to further definition. Development is also subject to, well, everything else.

On the immediate to-do list are: 1) Automatically follow people back, and 2) Allow more flexible answers. (There is some fuzzy matching though, so you shouldn't worry too much about spaces and punctuation.)

Getting started

Signing up for Twitter is free and quick. Head over and watch their video on what the heck it's all about. After signing in, the bestest, funnest thing to do (if you want to get daily riddles wherever you go) is to get your mobile/cell phone added. To do that, find the "Devices" tab under "Settings" in Twitter and follow their instructions.

Once you're signed up and in, head over to Riddling. Hit the "Follow" button, and then choose to turn Device Updates on. Once Riddling is following you back, you should start to get Riddling's tweets (i.e. riddles and their answers) sent to your telephonic device.

To submit an answer to Riddling, send a direct message as described below or see Twitter's help page on it.

How do I send a direct message?

Once you're signed into Twitter, check out your direct messages page, use the "message" link at riddling's page, or send a message that begins with "d riddling " (followed by your answer).

Does it all seem a bit... unstable?

Chances are that's Twitter. You can keep an eye on its status here. Otherwise if Twitter generally seems fine, then it might be the ISP (Mythic Beasts) that the bot runs on. Either way, don't get put off either. The teams behind both do a wonderful job at something very hard to get right.

How do I submit riddles?

For now, either send them via the "msg" link in the top-right, get in touch via the Find Me page, or send exmosis a DM via Twitter.

Where do I go with any questions?

Click "msg" in the top-right to send me a mail, for now. Better comms to come.